Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Crazy! Crazy! Crazy!

Okay, this is one of those things that I think could only happen to us. This morning I got a call from our loan place reminding us that we have a closing today. A couple hours later I got another call saying that the mortgage company our loan was going through was filing bankruptcy and we were not going to close today. The lady is locating a new lender and hopefully we will be able to close next week. So hopefully we will be home owners again next week!

Monday, July 30, 2007

The Dillon Run & A Visit to Nana & Papa's House

We went to Nana, Papa and Aunt Jen's this weekend for the Dillon Run and our monthly haircuts. When we got to mom & dad's they had gotten a slide for Luke and had it set up in the living room. His eyes lit up and that was the first place that he went. He slid and slid and slid some more. It was a hit!
On Friday we met some friends at the Dillon Run. We walked the 1K Fun Run/Walk. Daniel and Dad ran in the 5K. Dad ran the 5K in 25 minutes. Daniel ran it in 33 minutes and some seconds. He hadn't ran all summer. His face was as red as his shirt when he crossed the finished line but he did it! I was proud of them both.
In other news- We close on our house tomorrow. Mom, Dad and Jennifer are coming in to help us paint and lay tile. Before I knew we were buying a house I volunteered to do crafts at Vacation Bible School. So VBS is the following week. I am scrambling to get everything together. Some very nice ladies met at the church today and got one of the crafts all ready to go so I just have two more to go. You might pray that we stay sane through this process. I don't even have one box packed!!! I'll keep y'all informed as to how all this goes!
Oh, something else funny happened. Mom bought Luke an Elmo backpack for his birthday on Saturday. She made the mistake of showing it to Luke and couldn't get it back. So he has a new backpack that he has to take everyone. He looks pretty cute with it on his back! Pictures will come!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

National Convention 2007

We are back home once again - and boy does it feel good! We've spent the last week in Little Rock for the National Free Will Baptist Convention. I've got to brag on my little guy for a minute. He is the BEST traveler. Both days we were traveling he did wonderfully. He even behaves while we are hanging out in the airport! He just had a couple not so great moments in the middle but nothing too bad at all.
We took five students with us who were competing. We had a Bible Bowl team, a monologue and a solo. The Bible Bowl made it to the semi-finals but got beat. Eryn placed second with her monologue!
We helped work a blood drive at the convention on Wed. Daniel didn't like that too much. He hates needles. He disappeared quite often.
The highlight of my week was going to a presentation for The Hanna Project. Looking at the pictures of the people that they ministered to in Africa brought tears to my eyes. There was even a 72 year old woman that went with them on that mission trip. That is amazing! It is my hope and prayer that our denomination will support this work and that it will reach many souls around the world.
It other news - We have a contract on a house to buy. We should close in a couple of weeks. Please be in prayer about that.
Our adoption agency - Dillon International has done some amazing work at Luke's orphanage. Click on this link to check out all the renovations.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Down and Out...And Elmo!!!

I thought that I would share some things that Luke is doing with you guys! Pretty much all day long I am hearing "Need Down", "Need Out", or "Need Elmo". He generally uses the down and out when we are holding him and he wants down or if he is in his booster seat and he wants out. We hear "Need Elmo" when we turn on the TV. A couple weekends ago when we were at my mom and dad's mom turned on the TV to find Luke a cartoon. He didn't approve of the cartoon and informed his Nana that he needed Elmo. He is just so cute!
Another new thing that he started a couple of weeks ago was getting in a football position. This is totally untaught by Daniel. Luke and his dad have had fun tackling each other in the living room floor. Really it is just Luke tackling Daniel. After Luke tackles Daniel he goes and helps him up. So cute!!
We caught some fireworks tonight. Luke loved them! I tried so hard to get a good picture of Luke watching them and got a whole bunch of funny ones instead. It was so dark outside and the flash was so bright we were making funny faces in all of them. I'm posting the picture of me and Luke making funny faces, but Daniel says I can't post the ones of him and Luke. They will count as bribery in the future though!Before the fireworks started there was music playing so of course our little man was dancing! That kid has rythym! Well, I guess that is all for now!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Fourth of July!!!

We had a cook out and swim party tonight with our youth ministry. It started out really hot and we had a great time swimming. Luke swam for over an hour. Then the thunderstorm rolled in. The rain cut the swimming short. We didn't go watch the fireworks tonight since it was kind of nasty outside. A small town next to us is having their fireworks Sat. evening so we may go then. Luke saw some as we were leaving tonight and liked them so I think that he would really enjoy them!