Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The most important thing...

Luke learned a very important lesson last week during his bed time routine. Before bed we always read Luke a Bible story. On this particular evening Luke and Daddy made a fort on his bunk bed to do their reading in so I stayed out of things so they could have their guy time. During this Bible story Luke learned that the most important thing that he could do is to love God. He says all the time "I love God" and "Jesus came back from the dead". I am amazed at how much he knows to just be 2 years old.

As for other things going on since I last updated - We took some of our teenagers to the Acquire the Fire youth conference. We had a really good time, but got home incredibly late or should I say early Sunday morning. This is just a cute pic - I love this shirt. I always see little girl shirts that say "Sweet" and I always say that when I have a little girl she needs that shirt. Well, this is the first boy shirt that I have seen that says "Sweet". Just kind of a play off of our name!The weekend after Acquire the Fire we went back to Tulsa while Daniel was at a youth pastor conference. We hung out with Nana, Papa and Aunt Jen. We also had lunch with Sarah, Andrew and Heather.Sarah and Luke are so cute. Luke was tired when we got to McDonald's and it took him a little while to get down and play, but they ended up having a really good time.Last weekend was the prom for the town that we live in. Kori came by our house to get her picture taken with her other boyfriend.

You can't see it very good in this picture, but Luke likes to run around the house in his briefs and Lightning McQueen shoes. It is so cute!!!
On a different note, Daniel and I had hoped to begin an adoption from Vietnam soon. It looks like Vietnam and the US are terminating their adoption agreement on Sept. 1. This makes us both really sad. If they don't have things worked out by next summer, we are seriously considering beginning the adoption process from India. We are very excited about that possibility, but also sad about the children that will remain in orphanages because of the termination of adoptions between VN and the US. Please pray that they will be able to work things out and come up with a transparent adoption process.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Quick Update...

I'm already slacking again... Here's a quick run down of what we've been up to.
At the end of March we spent the night with Granny and went to my Grandma's birthday party. Luke had lots of fun playing with cousins. Morganne introduced Luke to Elmo Play Station games. He has had loads of fun playing them at home. He is learning numbers and letters with the games.Makayla spent the night with us at Granny's. Kayla and Luke had so much fun playing together Fri. night and Saturday. Luke was asleep when we left and the first thing that he said when he woke up was - "Where's Kayla?".
We celebrated Daniel's 27th birthday. Happy Birthday Daniel!
Here is Luke with a student from our youth ministry. He's a pretty special boy!