Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Hospital Trip & Visit From Nana, Papa and Aunt Jen

We had a first this week. On Wednesday Luke started running a very high fever. It got up to 104 degrees. We got him into the doctor Friday afternoon at 5:30. Daniel had to leave before we saw the doctor to go to church. The doctor looked him over and sent us over to the hospital to have his blood drawn and a flu test. Luke hasn't had his blood drawn since his blood work when we came home from Vietnam. I made Daniel go on that doctor visit with me. So here we are - just me and Luke - going to get his blood drawn. Poor kid had no clue what was coming to him and he felt so bad. We survived though. It's amazing what we can do when we have no other options because if at all possible I would have made Daniel go with me. Well, we stopped by Dairy Queen to get some dinner and got home at about 7:00. By 7:45 the doctor had called saying his blood work didn't look to good and he thought that we should stay the night in the hospital. I tried to call Daniel at the church and no one answered. So I called my mom. They were coming on Thursday anyway so they just headed this way after they got out of church. I tried calling Daniel again. I knew that he was probably still preaching. The poor lady that answered the phone...I asked her if she could give Daniel a message for me. Then I said that the doctor wanted to put Luke in the hospital and could he meet me there. She really didn't want to relay that kind of message. I went ahead and took Luke to the hospital. Thank God that I had a peace that I know could only come from Him the whole time. A student from our youth ministry beat Daniel to the hospital. He arrived shortly thereafter. Then all kinds of teenagers showed up. It was a party at the hospital! I felt bad for the nurses. The kids went out in the hall while they put Luke's IV in. He did cry a lot but he was quite the trooper. I think that will make pretty good birth control for the teenagers having to listen to that.His fever broke around noon on Thursday. He was feeling so much better. I made Daniel run home and get the camera. I hadn't wanted to take pictures of the occasion when he was feeling so bad. We got to go home around 10:00 Thursday night.

We celebrated Daniel's birthday and Easter with my mom, dad and sister since we won't see them again until after those occasions. They spoil Luke rotten. Jennifer had gone and bought a basketball goal for him. Nana and Papa got him a wheel barrow full of eggs, juice, goldfish, sunglasses, mini basketball goal and lots of other stuff. Nana would hide his eggs. They had lots of fun hunting eggs.

Luke is doing much better. He still seems to be recovering. He is sleeping alot and is fussy at times, but I'm so thankful that his fever is gone and he can get down and play!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Cabin Fever

I had cabin fever SO bad yesterday! Luke and I were going to go out and when we went to put the dogs out the fence was messed up so we had to wait for Daniel to get home and fix it. Daniel was so nice to take us out after he fixed the fence. We went and ate an early dinner at Braum's. Then we went and played at the park. Luke had so much fun! His eyes were huge the whole time we were there. We ran into a teenager from our youth ministry skateboarding. Luke watched him skateboard for a long time. He thinks he is as big as they are. He is always wanting to skateboard and play basketball with the big kids! We played on all the toys and as we were leaving we passed the basketball courts. Luke thought he needed to play with these people. We didn't know them but they were nice enough to let our precious little boy play for a second. Goodness, he is growing up too fast!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

What A Week!

Last week was one busy week! We have lived in *** now for two weeks. Last Wednesday we had a friend from OKC come and lead the youth ministry in worship. Luke had a great time hanging out with him and his friend. On Friday we went to OKC to watch the *** boys play in the State semi-finals! It just happened to be Luke's first basketball game. He enjoyed watching the game and dancing to all the music. The boys lost but it was still a great game.

By Sunday night Luke had crashed by 7:30! This is one of my favorite pictures!!

We got to go see Nana, Papa and Aunt Jen on Monday. It was good to see them even though it had only been two weeks. We are used to seeing each other a lot more than that.

Please continue to pray that our house in *** will sell. We need to get Luke's adoption finalized (last post placement is Monday) and our house sold so we can buy a house here. I am so ready to get to where we can hopefully stay a while!