Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Oh, the things that they say...

**Update 9/29/07 - Luke tooted this morning and blamed it on Elmo. I wonder where he learned that from - Daniel?

While this almost two year old stage is bringing lots of challenges it is so much fun to see Luke grow up. The latest hilarious thing that he did was to tell on his Daddy! Yes, he told on his Daddy. I was cooking dinner in the kitchen and cutting up pepperonis. Luke was coming in and asking for some so I took Daniel a handful to give him. I went back in the kitchen to continue cooking and Luke runs in and says "Daddy eat". I called out to Daniel that he had just been tattled on and asked if he had ate Luke's pepperonis. And he had. Daddy you'd better watch out!
Another thing that I think is absolutely adorable is that Luke has started singing his favorite song - The Wheels on the Bus. Our video camera is broken. I need to get it fixed so I can video that.
We're still working on the potty training. It is going pretty good. Now when Luke toots he says "I toot". Daddy is going to have to watch it on this one also because he has also told me "Daddy toot".
Just had to share some of the funny things that our little guy is doing. I'm sure there are more but I can't think of them right now.

Friday, September 21, 2007

A Great Day

We had a wonderful day today! It was nice and relaxing. I was ready for a day that we didn't have to do anything. School is going well and I also started to work for 12 hours a week (3 days a week in the afternoon). Luke gets to go with me. We are working for baby money for Sweet Baby #2! Luke woke up around 4:30 this morning so he spent the early morning hours in bed with us. He woke me up this morning around 8:00 and informed me that it was time to get up. I tried to get Daniel to play me paper, rock, scissors to see who had to get up with Luke but he acted like he didn't wake up. So we got up and had a nice, long, relaxing conversation with the cell phone company. Do you sense the sarcasm? The day did get better after that! Then we watched Sesame Street and Walker, Texas Ranger. Luke and I were both happy since we were able to watch our favorite shows! We met Daniel for lunch at McDonald's. It had been a while since we had been in and I was thinking that Luke might be brave enough to really play on the toys. He was and he had SO much fun! He would look up at the big toy and say "Wow"! This afternoon Kori came to get Luke and took him to the park and to get a snow cone. She said he had a great time. I can believe it. That boy loves to swing and slide. While Luke was gone Daniel and I had a couch date and watched X-Men 3. That is a really good movie. Now Daniel is watching the OU game and I'm about to go to bed! Enjoy the pictures!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fun With Family and Friends

We went to Nana, Papa and Aunt Jen's this past weekend. It is always fun to be able to go home. Although we never get to stay long enough. Luke was able to meet Nana and Aunt Jen's new students. I think he passed the test. On Friday night we were able to have dinner with the Homan's and Perryman's. It was their Forever Family Day. We ate at a Vietnamese restaurant.
After dinner Michael and Daniel went to the Jenks-Union football game. You would have thought that Daniel was in heaven. He has thanked me profusely for allowing him to go. He said that was the best HS football game he has ever seen. The game went into overtime. Luke and Sarah were both up past their bed times, but they had fun playing.
We got Luke's 2 year old pictures taken on Saturday. He did a really good job. I can't wait to get the pictures in. We left to come home Saturday evening. Luke gets so upset when he has to leave. It is so sad it makes me cry every time. He cries for Nana and Papa. He cried for about 20 minutes so we called Nana. He talked to her for a long time. After he hung up he went to sleep. He slept for a couple of hours. When he woke up it wasn't long before I heard - Nana! Papa! I wished we were able to live closer to them. I know he would be more spoiled than he already is if that was the case though. Jen - He loves you too!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Our Labor Day Weekend

Our Labor Day Weekend was a busy one. Dad, Mom and Aunt Jen came in on Friday night. We hit our first Friday night high school football game. Our team lost... I meant to take a picture but didn't.
On Saturday morning Dad and Daniel went to work on the toilets in our new house. We ended up getting a new toilet in Luke's bathroom and new insides in the toilet for the teen room (Why we have a teen room at our house is for another post!). So now we have three working toilets! Yay! When we downgraded our TV we lost Fox Sports so we had to go to a friends house to watch the OU game. Luke is still the source of Sooner Magic! He got a new OU t-shirt on Saturday too!!!
Hey Heather - Are you sure Andrew can't wear my OU clothes? -Lukas
On Sunday my dad got to preach and I had to miss it. I've been filling in for the 2 and 3 year old class. The boys got the utility room tiled to Sunday though and finished it up on Monday. I didn't get my cabinets painted like I wanted to so if anybody wants to come help....
I didn't do good about taking pictures this weekend. Here is a few...

This boy likes to be like his Daddy!