Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

This post is a few days late! Sorry! We hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We went to Nana and Papa's on Tuesday. We left on Wednesday and went to Ada. We had two Thanksgiving celebrations on Thursday.
Luke enjoyed playing with all of this cousins.
Aunt DeAnn brought Luke a bus. He loves buses!!!

This boy absolutely loves cars...

We left Ada on Thursday evening and went back to Mom and Dad's. We got home at about 10:00 and looked at all the sale ads. On Friday we (Mom, Jen, and I)headed out to shop at 6:00. I was completely worn out when we got back a little after 4:00. We unloaded, ate dinner, and headed back out for one more hour of shopping. I am pleased to announce that my Christmas shopping is finished.

We came home on Saturday. When we got home we put our Christmas tree up. Luke had a lot of fun helping us decorate the tree. I also got all my wrapping finished!

Can you tell where he liked to put the ornaments?

He liked this snowman also.
It is my prayer that our son also learns the REASON FOR THE SEASON!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Misc. Happenings

Things have been pretty calm here lately. We've made a trip to Nana and Papa's house for Aunt Jen's birthday. Other than that nothing has really been going on.
Here is a picture of Luke with his friends Kori and Trevor. I got in trouble for not including this picture with the Halloween post - so Kori here it is!!! :)
Luke and Papa hanging out and watching cartoons while we were in Tulsa. (Luke had just woke up.)
Happy Birthday, Aunt Jen!!!
Daddy and Lukas tonight as the OU game was starting. Daniel doesn't look quite as pepped up now. The game isn't over, but.... Last but not least, here is a picture of some cute cookies that I made tonight. Our women's group at church is making baskets to take to emergency personnel of the area to thank them for serving us. I had thought that these cookies were really cute. Well, I still think that they are cute, but I have a serious pain in the neck from decorating them. And, I'm not so good decorating with icing.
I'm really excited about Thanksgiving next week. We have so much to be thankful for. I'm ready to see my aunts, uncles and cousins. I don't think that I've seen them since Memorial Day Weekend, so it is definitely time.
On a different note, please be in prayer for the Vietnam Adoption Program. Goodness, I don't really know how to explain what's going on. Here are a couple of links:
In short, there has been unethical behavior proven in two provinces in Vietnam. Our agency doesn't work in either province. Just please pray that the U.S. and Vietnam will agree on a measure to help make adoptions ethical and not close the program altogether. It breaks my heart for the children and the birthparents. I am so thankful for our agency and their work in Vietnam.
Now I must go make my dish for the potluck lunch tomorrow. Cooking on Sunday mornings before church makes me even later to church...

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Luke's Big Boy Room

As promised, here are pictures of Luke's big boy room. Luke loves his new bed. Here is a picture of him sleeping in his bed the first night.
Luke and his Daddy love making forts on Luke's bunk bed.
We have already made several memories with Luke's new bed. All three of us slept on the bottom bunk one night. A couple of times I have slept on the bottom bunk with Luke and Daniel has slept on the top bunk. Fun times...
A funny thing is that Luke has only gotten out of his bed once in the five or six weeks since he's been sleeping in it. That time was this week. Daniel was putting Luke to bed and I was watching TV in the living room. Daniel was putting Luke to bed because for the past four or five nights I have managed to fall asleep in Luke's room. I was just sitting there watching TV and out walks Luke with this big ol' grin on his face. I was kind of shocked that he was up. I took him back to his room and guess who was asleep in his bed! Pretty funny!