Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!!

Here's a picture of Luke sportin' his green on St. Patricks Day!
We were going to color our Easter eggs Monday evening, but when we got home Luke completely gave out. He only slept for about an hour so we were still able to have our fun and color our eggs.He has so much fun coloring eggs. He enjoyed it last year, but I think he had even more fun this year. We really didn't do anything else exciting until yesterday. One of the churches in town puts on a big Easter egg hunt. We decided to go to it on Saturday.Luke absolutely loves to hunt eggs. He loves the candy inside the egg even more! :)
Daniel didn't want to tell Luke that the Easter Bunny came, but something came last night and hid all of Luke's eggs and left presents. He really liked the candy in those eggs also. We had an egg hunt at church today. He got lots of eggs there!Someone was ready for a nap after all that fun!
Daniel has really been working with Luke about the real meaning of Easter. Luke can say that Jesus came back from the dead. I know he doesn't really know what that means, but it is so neat to hear him say it.
Dad Update - Dad was released from the hospital on Monday to go to his orthopedic surgeon appointment. They scheduled surgery for Friday. The surgery was supposed to be out patient. It went well, but Dad was in so much pain afterwards that they admitted him to the hospital. He was released on Saturday but is still in a lot of pain. Please pray for the pain to subside and for his body to heal.
Hope everyone had a great Easter!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

We're Back!

Luke and I are back from a trip to check on Papa. We got there on Tuesday and the first thing that Luke did was throw his Elmos in Papa's lap to help him feel better. It was pretty cute. On Wednesday we went with Papa to the dentist. He got a decent report. He will have to have one crown and has about six chipped teeth that will need to be fixed. On Thursday Luke and I hung out at Nana and Papa's while Nana took Papa to the doctor. The orthopedic surgeon said that the cuts on his elbow were healing and he could see good tissue forming. He was hopeful that surgery could be done this week. (There has been a glitch - keep reading.) He also found out that his right wrist has ligament damage. I think that he is going to wait until his elbow gets fixed to work on the wrist. On Thursday afternoon dad had his stitches removed. Friday was an excellent day. The mission team came in a little after 10 pm. We all went up to the church to welcome them home.

My grandma and James came up on Saturday to check on dad. On Saturday morning when dad woke up we all knew something was wrong with his forehead. He called his dr. and his dr. said that his forehead was infected and called in antibiotics and a cream. Luke and I left around 2:30 to come home. I guess things got worse from there. When we left his eyes and forehead were a little bit swolen. By 10:00 pm dad's eyes were almost swolen shut. There is a nurse in their church that had been helping mom treat his forehead that day. The nurse said they needed to go to the hospital. Things get confusing from here. They did a CT Scan to see if the infection is in his skull, because it would be very dangerous if the infection went in his brain. I know the infection is down in his eye sockets. He was admitted to the hospital late Sat. night and is still there. He may still be there for a couple more days. Please pray that the infection would clear up. Also, my mom is near exhaustion. Please pray that she is able to stay healthy and take care of herself while caring for dad. Jennifer has been with them constantly also.
On to cute note - Luke thought that James needed to say "Cheese"!
Then James' tender needed to say "Cheese"!

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sesame Street Live & Dad Update

We went to Sesame Street Live on Saturday. We had been talking it up to Luke for a couple of weeks.

I took this picture of Luke on Wednesday before church. Since we've been talking about Elmo so much he thought that Elmo needed to say "Cheese!".

We headed to OKC on Saturday morning to go see the "real" Elmo. Luke was so excited. I was hoping that he would take a nap on the way there, but no such luck. He couldn't think about anything other than seeing Elmo. We got there about an hour before it started and I was glad since we didn't know where we were going.
We just hung out until the show started. The anticipation was definitely mounting for Luke. When the show started he was all smiles! Funny side note to the story - Luke had done so good about pottying that day. He stayed dry traveling, through lunch and through the first part of the show. At intermission I took him to the bathroom and he went. They were selling Elmo balloons at intermission and Luke wanted one. Daniel didn't want to buy one then because he didn't want to wrestle with it through the second half of the show. There weren't many left and I was bound and determined to get Luke one after the show. After the show I made a mad dash for the salesman and paid $8 for this Elmo balloon. We made sure it was nice and secure so it wouldn't fly away on our way to the car. Here is Luke back in the car with the coveted Elmo balloon. We headed to bricktown to walk around for a little while before we had dinner. We ate and headed to the car to come home. Well, Daniel had both the drivers door open and Luke's door. You guessed it. The balloon flew out the drivers door. I was on the passenger side and couldn't catch it in time. We watched the $8 balloon fly away. Luke was already tired, so he was in the back seat almost in tears. I made Daniel stop on our way home so I could go into Dollar Tree and get Luke another balloon. The replacement balloon isn't as cute but it is still a balloon. All in all it was a really great day. Here are some pictures from the show!

Dad Update - Mom, Jennifer and my uncle picked my Dad up at the border around 11 pm last night. They traveled through the night and got to Tulsa around 2:45 this afternoon. They went straight to the hospital and did not receive very good service. They waited for about 5 hours and they still hadn't seen Dad. They went home and are going to try to get into an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow. Please pray that this can happen. He has to have the surgery within 5 days of the broken bone.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Dad Update

They performed a CT Scan in Mexico this morning. It came back good. That is a major praise item! Dad and the men traveling with him are currently waiting in line to cross the border. My mom, sister and uncle are about two hours away. They should pick Dad up around 11 pm. The plan was to go as far as possible. Dad would like to make in all the way to Tulsa before stopping at a hospital. He will need to have surgery on his elbow very soon after making it to a hospital. Everyone has been traveling for a long time so please continue to pray for safe travels.

Updated Prayer Request

Here is an update on what is happening:
My mom was trying to get the hospital in Mexico to do a CT Scan last night. They said they had the capabilities. Well, this morning we found out that they don't have the machine there. They load people up on a flat bed trailer and take them to where the machine is. It was really important that Dad get that done last night in case there was bleeding on the brain. They are going to try to get that done first thing this morning.
Dad is ready to see his family, so my uncle is taking my mom and sister to south Texas where the church group crossed the border. Dad would like to try to make it back to Tulsa before being admitted into the hospital. Please pray for safe travel for all involved. Dad is currently 7 1/2 hours south of the Texas border.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Please Pray for my Dad...

My dad is in Mexico on a mission trip. They were building a church. He was on the roof and it collapsed today. He has a serious concussion, a broken elbow, at least 20 stitches on his face and some chipped teeth. He has been admitted to the hospital. Please pray that his brain will heal so that he can be transported to the US for surgery on his elbow.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ball Game at the Big House & Lunch with an old friend

I am already doing better at blogging. It takes me two months to update and now looky here. Two posts in a week! :)
Friday we went to one of our students' basketball game. They were in the state semi-finals. It was a great game, but they lost by two points in overtime. Luke had a wonderful time. He is Trevor's personal cheerleader. He kept cheering "Go Trevor Go!". He also had a great time eating popcorn!
After the game we had lunch with one of my best friends from high school. I hadn't seen Christina in almost two years. It was fun to chat and catch up. She recently got engaged so I got to see her ring also!
On Saturday Daniel played in the church league basketball tournament. This ended their season. It is so funny to watch them play ball. They won their first game and lost the second. Luke really likes to cheer for his Daddy and even got to sit on the bench with Daddy for the last couple of minutes of the second game.
That is our exciting weekend. I will do better about updating! I promise!!! :)