Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I think it's official...

...I am a blog failure. Since it's been about a month since my last update - here goes.
We celebrated our 2nd Forever Family Day on August 14th! Luke knew that it was a very special day. He got a new shirt as a gift that day. Per his request we went to McDonald's for dinner and came home for cup cakes and ice cream! It was a very special, fun day. We are so very very blessed to be this little guys mommy and daddy.
August also marked our first anniversary of living in this house. We knew when we bought it that it was a "fixer upper". Daniel wanted to buy it and I wasn't so sure about it. It seems that we have had one issue after another. The plumbing in this bathroom has been messing up since February and the bathroom has been completely out of commission since May. Well, the plumbers came out to fix the plumbing and had to cut a hole in the bathroom floor. Here is Daniel after he has the hole fixed. He was FILTHY! But I was very proud of him for getting it fixed. They should be out to lay the tile the end of this week!!!
Mom, Dad and Jen came out Labor Day weekend. Luke went home with them. This marked the first official night that he stayed away that I wouldn't get to see him first thing the next morning. He looked like such a big boy with his toy backpack on his back and his clothes in the rolling backpack. He went home with them on Aug. 31st which is our 2 year anniversary at home!

Our church is starting small groups and our home is a host home. The bed room across from Luke's has had green carpet and a terrible paint job on the walls. The whole house has hard wood floors under the carpet - they just need to be refinished. So we went ahead and painted blue walls and a white ceiling, ripped up the carpet and made it a play room for all the kids in the small group to play in. We didn't get the floors refinished just yet, but they don't look too bad. Luke absolutely loves this room. He likes to take naps on the foam blocks and play in there all the time. Our living and dining room looks so much bigger now that all the toys are out.

Funny story about the painting - Daniel sent me to Ace to buy the supplies to paint. I thought that I had done so good. I got it all ready to primer. Once we started with the primer paint was splashing every where. Daniel and I were both covered. We get finished and take the roller off and I had bought one of those half roller things. :) Oops. I guess he should have done the shopping!