Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Heavens Gates and Halloween

We've had a busy couple of weeks. Our church did the drama "Heaven's Gates Hell's Flames" October 25-27. A couple came in on Friday October 23. We spent that evening transforming our sanctuary into heaven and hell. On Saturday we finished decorating and got our parts. I played a young old woman if that makes sense. An older woman died of a heart attack and we switched spots in the dark and I woke up in heaven as her (signifying the new body that we will get when we get to heaven and not have aches and pains anymore). Daniel played a construction worker and Lukas played a little boy that had died and gone to heaven. His fictitious family died and he came out of heaven with Jesus. It was a VERY LONG five days, but over 800 people saw the drama and at least 80 people made decisions for Christ so it was very worth the sleep deprivation and having to drag my child out of bed for school. (I was having to drag myself out of bed to get him ready for school! :)
This was the first time that I got to go to heaven in this drama. It really opened up a lot of conversations with Luke. It is amazing how much he understands. This is what happens when you get your child completely off of his schedule! :)We took Luke's pic on the stairs to heaven. He did so good. On the last night he waved so big to the audience. We had been trying to get him to do that all week. I think the real reason that he did that is because since he was elevated in "heaven" he could see in the audience and saw a friend. His bribery was going to see the movie Astro Boy so we did that Friday night. He got to wear his Halloween costume to school on Friday and they went to a nursing home. He was Bumblebee this year. He is in love with Transformers right now.

On Halloween night our church had a Harvest Party. He won a huge water gun and got some candy so he was one happy Bumblebee.
That's about it for now!