Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Luke's 1st day of Preschool

Luke had a great first day of preschool. He has been so excited to go. He was ready to go from the moment he woke up this morning.He looked pretty handsome too, if I do say so myself! :)Such a big boy carrying his backpack! This picture is actually after we were leaving. Today the parents went with the kids. He definitely didn't stick close to us at all. When it was time for the parent meeting he was playing and I was watching from across the room. A teacher came to get him to take him to the gym and he went to her. Then I could read his face - I have to make sure it's ok with my mom. He looked around and found me. I waved and he was off! He goes back by himself on Friday and I don't even think that he will miss us!
We had a swim party tonight with our teens for Back to School. Luke hates getting water in his eyes so he wore his goggles tonight. He's pretty cute!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy 3rd Forever Family Day to Us!!!

Three years ago today, the most precious boy in the world officially became our son! We love this little guy so very much and feel so priviledged to be his parents. We celebrated tonight by going out to dinner and with cupcakes and ice cream!
Luke's present this year was a t-shirt from Ha Long Bay. He is anxious to wear it.
Luke had an eventful morning - He cut his hair. Aunt Jen says every kid needs to cut their hair at least once. I'm not so sure about that. I ended up laughing though instead of getting on to him too hard. He is grounded from his scissors for a week though.Here's a cute pic of Luke playing his banjo that we made. He thinks he is a rock star!

Stay tuned for next week's post of his first day of preschool!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cutest Little Ringbearer

So Nana, Papa and Jen can see our cute little man...
Lukas was the ring bearer today in Kori and Trevor's wedding. He did so good. I was wondering last night if he was going to walk down the aisle. Between bribery and a good talking too he did great! Daniel really gave it to him before bed last night. They kept saying "Just smile and walk down the aisle". I went in Luke's bedroom to check on him last night and he was sleeping and saying "Just smile and walk down the aisle" so I think he even dreamed about it. Our cute little guy!Lukas and Ally - the ring bearer and flower girl
Luke told me today that Ally looked like a princess! :) He's already coming up with pick up lines at 3!Right before he prepared to walk down the aisle. Kori and Trevor gave this Bumblebee to him last night, but I wouldn't let him open it until he actually did the deed.
He did great, although I did get a scare. I was on my knees at the back of the sanctuary and when I told him to walk to Trevor he took about 2 steps and turned around. He says "Mom I just need to tell you something real quick". I told him "No just walk". And Tyler said he said mom, i love you. That's my sweet boy! He walked to Trevor and did a decent job standing there through the wedding. We got a few waves and funny faces, but that is to be expected with a 3 year old.Right after the I Do's were said. I accidentally cut Bumblebee out of the picture.
With his bribes - Bumblebee and a sucker!