Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our Happy Birthday Jesus Party!!!

Last night we had a birthday party for Jesus complete with cupcakes and ice cream! Luke loves birthday parties for that specific reason. So I figured if we had a party with cake and ice cream he might understand more that Christmas is Jesus' birthday.After we had our cake and ice cream we went through FamilyLife's What God Wants for Christmas. Here is Luke looking in the mirror (since God wants us for Christmas) that was in box number 7. And here is the Sweet Boy with the completed nativity set!
Merry Christmas Everyone! I'll post again after Christmas.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Thanksgiving and Other Stuff

It has been a long time since my last post. We've had computer drama...
We put our Christmas tree up before we left for Thanksgiving. Friday has been deemed Family Fun Night at the Sweet House. So we had family fun putting up the tree. Daniel was spreading the ornaments out on the tree after Luke put them on. Daniel was finished by the time we got to the balls. You can tell who decorated the tree! I love it.
We headed to Nana and Papa's at the beginning of the next week. I sure didn't take very many pictures while we were gone at Thanksgiving. Makayla and Luke have so much fun at Granny's house. Makayla is such a good cousin. We went to see Madagascar 2 with Kayla and Uncle Bobby. Luke liked the movie and is loving singing the Move It song.We went to the park on Thanksgiving Day with my parents to take their Christmas card picture. Luke had to give the toys a try before we had Thanksgiving Dinner.We came home and Luke and I headed back to Nana and Papa's the next weekend for Nana's 50th birthday! We had lunch with Sarah, Andrew and Avi Joy. Luke and I had to dash pretty quick to go and get our hair cut. He loves playing with Sarah and Avi Joy.That night we took Nana out to dinner for her birthday. We took Luke to Rhema after that. Luke loved the bridge at Rhema. Check out our Spiderman!We had snow at our house last week! Daniel did go and get his coat after this picture!We went to our city's Christmas light display on Friday night. It wasn't as good as Rhema, but for our town it wasn't bad. It was lots of fun with Luke running in front of me and Daniel.
Luke is learning and growing so fast. Last night Daniel and Luke were watching the John movie on TBN. I was wanting to put Luke to bed, but Daniel said that he wanted to see Jesus die on the cross. I said that I thought that would be gruesome. Daniel told me it was rated G. So my little sweet boy watched a movie all about Jesus with his Daddy. It was so sweet watching them. He doesn't understand everything about sin and all that, but he is really understanding that Jesus died on the cross and came back from the dead.
This Friday for Family Fun Night we're having a birthday party for Baby Jesus! Maybe all get those pictures up in a more timely manner. If I don't Merry Christmas everyone!