Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mini Vacation

After our incredibly busy summer we felt like we needed a little family time so we headed to OKC for a little mini vacation. On Thursday night we went to Incredible Pizza for dinner. Luke had a blast playing the games.His favorite part was driving the go karts with his daddy. They won first place! He even has a ribbon to prove it and he is very proud of it. After dinner we went to the movies and saw Up. We all liked it. It was in 3D and Luke didn't like wearing the glasses, but other than that we all had fun.Friday morning we went to the zoo. The zoo trip didn't exactly go as planned. We overslept that morning and then when we got there they were having free admission. It was a mad house. On top of that I didn't bring a stroller because I thought Luke would want to walk around and see the animals. We had fun but it would have helped if we would have brought our stroller.We left around 2:00 because Luke was getting cranky and went back to the hotel so Luke could take a nap. Funny note - We had slept at church camp so much this summer that when we were in the car going back to the hotel he kept calling it church camp.By the time Luke woke up from his nap it was dinner time. We walked to Abuelo's. It was really good. After that we went and road the boats on the canal. Then we went and saw Ice Age 3. I haven't seen the first 2 all the way through but I think that I liked that better than Up.
This fountain was outside the movie theatre. Luke loved it. We stood here probably 4 times while he looked in.
We're back now. We stopped at Penn Square Mall today so Daniel could get some stuff for the church. They have a new Lego store. Luke is the proud owner of James Celebrating Sodor Day. He's pretty proud of his Lego train!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Road Trip and Cattle Drive

This last week Daniel was speaking in Poteau so he dropped me and Luke off in Tulsa on his way there. We got Aunt Jen and headed to Granny's house. Luke wanted to swing right when he got there and Ryan and Makayla were happy to oblige him. :) On this trip all of the cousins were at Granny's! That doesn't happen very often - usually only at Thanksgiving and Christmas. We had lots of fun together. I'm the oldest at 28 and Makayla is the youngest at 7. Luke is the only great grandchild at 3. (Hopefully we'll change that soon!)After dinner that night Morganne and Makayla put on a fashion show. Here is Rocky. He's so embarrassed.I took Luke and Makayla to the park the next morning. Goodness, it was hot. It's amazing that the heat doesn't seem to bother the kids. I pooped out on them after about 45 minutes.There was a train at the park so of course Luke needed a picture taken.The teenagers had a great time. They hung Ryan's boxers up on Granny's flag pole. It took him forever to notice.Since all the grandkids were there we took pictures. Luke wasn't really cooperating. My cousin T.J. has a new puppy. Luke put the leash on Ryan's belt loop and walked him.Isn't the puppy too cute!!!Playing video games.We went back to Nana and Papa's on Saturday. On Sunday we went to church and then went shopping. Luke got a new backpack for school. He thinks it is so cool! It's a Bumblebee backpack. He now wants a Transformers birthday party. We'll see if he still wants that in a couple of months.I did a terrible job of taking pics when we were at Nana and Papa's - so here is a pic with Nana and Jen after they took us to meet Daniel.Only in small town Oklahoma would you see this - The rodeo is in town so they kick it off with a longhorn cattle drive through town. We live in the perfect spot because they come right in front of our house.

It's really pretty cool. Here's Luke checking out the horse riders that are a little further down the road.
That's all for now!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Praise the Lord!!!

Our fingerprint approval/background checks came in yesterday!!! After five months of waiting and being fingerprinted three times we are thrilled! I mailed it to the social worker yesterday and as soon as she gets it our homestudy is finished. I am so excited!
Last Wednesday after church we did some fireworks with some friends. Our friend has Luke addicted. He had fun with sparklers, but was loving lighting fireworks.Our town had a big 4th of July celebration. They were expecting 10,000 people so we really stayed in all day Saturday. Luke was running a fever, but we went to check stuff out at about 9:00. We caught a pony ride and a train ride. It was a lot of fun!They handed out 3-D glasses to watch fireworks with. We had a really great 4th! Hope y'all did too!