Sunday, April 29, 2007


Here are the answers to the last game...
1. CSI
2. Survivor
3. Gilmore Girls
4. Walker, Texas Ranger
5. Matlock
6. CSI: Miami
7. Saved By The Bell
8. Full House
9. Friends
10. Family Matters

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

In Honor of Pa...

Luke got a new haircut today in honor of Pa. Pa always had a flat top when he was in HS and for a long time after that. I had been wanting to get Luke's hair cut like that for a couple of months. We had a hair appointment today so I thought this would be the perfect time.

Here is a picture of my Pa when he and Granny got married. He is a handsome man. And Granny is a pretty lady. Then there is the picture of Luke with his new do. Just thought I would share the pictures!

Monday, April 23, 2007

I'm Back & It Again!!!

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers for my family. They have been felt. Pa's funeral was Friday. It was a beautiful service. He was a great man and I feel priviledged to be called his granddaughter. It was great to be with our family for so long. It seems that life normally happens and that is the longest that I've been able to be with my Granny, aunts, uncles and cousins in a long time.
Daniel had to go home on Friday and I wasn't ready to go yet. I rode to my parents yesterday with my mom and sister. Now I'm vehicleless. Don't know how and when I will be home.
I think on Saturday I was tagged again with the new game by Tricia. I am to go to and choose 10 shows that I've watched, past and present. This was kind of difficult. Ya'll are supposed to guess what shows it is from the key words listed and I'll post the answers in a few days. Here goes:
1. Detective/Forensic Evidence/Police
2. Contest/Beach/Competition
3. Female Lead/Connecticut/Yale University
4. Crime/Dallas, TX/Justice
5. Courtroom/Atlanta, Georgia/Attorney
6. Criminal Investigation/Detective/Forensic Evidence
7. High School Sweetheart/High School Romance/High School Friends
8. Twins/Single Parent/Family
9. New York/Friendship/Roommate
10. Family/Sitcom/Chicago, Illinois

Okay, Heather, I know you just got home and have two children under two...I am very sorry to do this to you, but you're it again!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


My Pa went to be with Jesus yesterday. I am 26 years old and this is the first person that is close to me that has died. We were all as prepared as you can get. He has had cancer for several years and had been in the hospital for about the last ten days.
I am so relieved that he is no longer in pain and his body is whole again. I am so thankful that Pa got to meet Luke. When his cancer came back a couple of years ago I was so hoping that he would get to meet his first great-grandchild. He supported our adoption so much.
As Pa was getting worse the verse that Paul wrote that said to live is Christ and to die is gain. It is amazing the peace that I feel right now. Of course I am said but you realize that he is in such a better place - in the very prescence of God.
Please pray for our family. The funeral will be Friday morning.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Tag! I'm It!

Thanks, Heather, for tagging me. The game is now I tell 10 odd things about me. Sounds like a pretty fund game! My mom read Heather's blog last night and called to tell me that I had been tagged. She seemed to think that I'm pretty quirky and that this should be pretty easy. So, here goes...
1. I am a very picky eater. I don't like chicken, ham, turkey, seafood, Chinese, Vietnamese... You get the point. And I survived in Vietnam - so I think just about anyone can. (By the way, no one has mentioned our favorite place to eat in HCMC. It's an Italian place called Pomodoro's. There is a pic. It is across the street from Al Fresco's.)
2. I love to eat pickles, but there is a catch. I only like the pretty pickles. I don't like pickles with holes in them or the ones that are torn.
3. I hate to speak in public. My dad is a preacher and I married a preacher - I guess I didn't get the public speaking gene. (I was a cheerleader in High School - I guess there is strength in numbers because that didn't bother me.)
4. When I pass people at Wal-Mart and such and smile at them I make this chuckle sound under my breath. I'm not laughing at people. It just comes out all on its own.
5. I like to eat ketchup by itself. (Daniel thought of this one for me.)
6. I have a fear of mice/rats. I can't even watch them on TV. I have to close my eyes.
7. I hate using public restrooms. I will go way out of the way to avoid using a bathroom that doesn't meet my standards. (Your standards go WAY down for bathrooms in Vietnam. Funny that they don't stay that way after you come home.)
8. I talk in my sleep very badly. If you start a conversation with me when I'm asleep odds are that I will talk back and be VERY mean. Then I won't remember the next morning. I promise.
9. I've never committed to a favorite color. I just don't have one.
10. I LOVE to watch Matlock and Walker, Texas Ranger. I think that Ben Matlock is the smartest man!!! Drives Daniel CRAZY!

Okay, I tag Tricia (Wondering and Waiting).

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!!!

Hello everyone! We have had a great time celebrating Easter this week. On Monday we colored our eggs. You can see that Luke had a great time. He didn't want to stop. As we were cleaning up he got a hold of the carton of eggs on the table and pulled them off. Needless to say - most of them broke! Oh well. We had fun anyways!!! I gathered up the eggs that we had left so the Easter Bunny would have some to hide.

Last night some friends came over to stuff the eggs for the egg hunt at the church! That was fun. I love to stuff eggs! Well, Daniel decided that he wanted to buy a gas grill with his birthday money. So he went and bought a grill. We were up really late getting the grill put together.

The late night completely through off our morning. Luke slept until 9:00. When he woke up we had to see what the Easter Bunny had left. Then he found a few of the eggs that were hidden. The eggs that survived the tumble off the table didn't make it through the egg hunt this morning. He's so cute. He thinks that the eggs are balls to throw. When he finally got in the bathtub we had some floaters! Or "mud in the tub" as I liked to call it as a kid. I love you Jen!!! Then pee in the floor after the bath. You get the picture how our morning was. We finally made it to church (late). We had a great service today. Luke had lots of fun during the egg hunt. We had to have the egg hunt in the church since it was so cold outside. It is snowing here. We've had sleet on Thursday and snow on Friday also.

During bath time today I was talking to Luke about the meaning of Easter. I pray that he will grow up totally in love with our Savior!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

One Year Ago Today...

...started out like a regular day. It was a Monday morning. I'm sure I was running into work right at 8:00. I was the Deputy Court Clerk for the City of *****. My favorite thing on Monday mornings was to see what happened on the weekend (as far as tickets go)! I was working on the weekend tickets when the phone rang at 9:00. I answered it and recognized Gayle's voice from Dillon.
This is somewhat how our conversation went:
Gayle: Jamie - when can ya'll come in?
Jamie: I'm sure we can sometime today.
Gayle: Well, we have a baby for you.
Jamie: (with huge butterflies in stomach and heart beating a million times a minute) Yea!
Gayle: Call Daniel and call me back.
I called Daniel and he said that he would come pick me up. So I called to let Gayle know that we would be leaving ***** in about 30 minutes and should be there by 11:00. I still hadn't even asked her if we had a boy or a girl or anything about my precious baby! Daniel came to pick me up and we were off to Tulsa. I called my Dad, my Mom, my sister, my Granny & Pa, my Grandma, Aunt DeAnn. My other aunts and uncles were at work. Then I called Gayle to tell her we were on our way and asked if we had a boy or a girl. She said a boy. We were really excited! We had waited so long and now we were, in a way, "having" a child.
We got to the Dillon offices and Jynger and Gayle took us in a room. Gayle was carrying a little pink folder. Deniese came in and visited for a minute. They told us that our referral was from the Ninh Thuan orphanage and told us a little bit about it. Gayle asked if we would rather see the picture or paperwork first. Daniel quickly said the picture. (I was so excited I could hardly talk.) They handed us a picture of a beautiful baby boy with big brown eyes. It was like love at first sight. I was looking into the eyes of my son. We looked over his other paperwork. Gayle handed us the acceptance papers. She said we could take them home and mail them back to her. Daniel and I looked at each other and said that we wanted to go ahead and accept the referral. We signed papers saying that this beautiful baby boy was our son!
We left Dillon and called my dad to tell him to meet us at mom's school. We met mom & dad there. My mom looked at Luke's picture and started crying. My dad looked at his picture and got this goofy grin on his face. We went by Daniel's parents and showed off our boy there.
It was back to work then. As soon as we got off work we ran to Wal-Mart to make a million copies of the picture of our guy!
This is a day that I will never forget. I became a mom with a baby half way around the world. Thank You, Lord, for our precious gift from You!
Here are some pictures of our little guy now. He is such a blessing! We have so much fun together. He is all into shaking his head for yes and no. When we are looking at each other talking, I'll say Mommy loves you. He'll shake his head yes. Then I'll say, Do you know Mommy loves you? He'll shake his head yes. Then I'll say, You are Mommy's sweet boy. He says yes. Then I ask him, Do you love Mommy? He says yes. I LOVE it!!