Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Finally, An Update!!!

I have been dreading updating our blog because it has been so long and so much has happened. It's pretty bad when you have to look back at your pictures to remember what has happened during the last month. Hear goes... Daniel was an evangelist at a church camp the week of Memorial Day, so Luke and I headed to Tulsa to spend the holiday with family. We were able to spend Monday at Granny's and Grandma & James'.Luke loves these cars at Granny's house. They used to be my uncles cars, so that is pretty neat.These two keep Granny pretty busy. Kayla and Luke had so much fun together that Granny and Kayla came to our house about a week later and spent four nights.Playing in the sprinkler is just one of the things that Kayla and Luke did during their visit to our house.Church camp came after Granny and Kayla went home. It was a really great week.Yes, this is my husband...Enough said. Camp always proves to be a life changing experience for our students. It is always amazing watching God work in the lives of our students.Luke hung out with Nana and Papa the whole week of camp. Why would you want mom & dad when nana & papa are around? He had a blast!We left camp with Nana and Papa Thursday evening after service to head to Tulsa for Vietnam Heritage Weekend. We were able to celebrate Father's Day with Papa. Vietnam Heritage Camp was so much fun. Luke got to hang out with his buddies. He got to meet Ella also!He had a great time doing all the crafts on Saturday.Although, he didn't quite know what to think about the red hand business.We took our first swim of the summer this past Wednesday. We have a little fish on our hands. Luke had even more fun than he did last summer. We have quite a few water trips planned so that is a good thing!We went to Hallie's b-day party at McDonald's this past weekend. Luke thought that it was pretty cool going to a party at McD's. When he woke up on Sunday morning the first words out of his mouth were "Where's the cake!". He's convinced that it is time for his birthday. He has already requested Lightning McQueen. We'll see what is in the works come October.
I hope all of this has made sense. It is now 1:50 a.m. I'm signing off and going to bed. Right after I load and start the dishwasher. Good Night!