Saturday, May 30, 2009

Church Camp - Take 1

We got back yesterday from a great week at church camp! Daniel spoke at the Kiamichi Association District Camp. Another brag on Daniel moment - He did a really great job. A lot of students this week made decisions for the Lord! Praise God! Two of our boys went with us. Here is Luke, Josh and Elmo on the way to Wilburton. The camp was at Robbers Cave State Park - which is a LONG way from where we live. It took us 6 hours to get there.Luke was so excited when we got there and got our beds made. He thought it was pretty cool to be sleeping at church camp. I told him that was a good thing because we have 3 more weeks of camp! (Only 2 though to sleep at camp)On Wednesday during a break we took the boys to Robbers Cave. I don't know what I was expecting, but rock climbing was not it. Me in my nike flip flops and the rocks really didn't get along. The boys had a blast though. They were pretending to be cave trolls. It was pretty funny. They went rock climbing and we stuck to the trail (which still entailed climbing a lot of rocks). We could hear them making their "troll" sounds. It was hilarious.Here is a pic of Josh and Steven being "trolls".That afternoon they had water inflatables at camp. It was SO cold, but Luke took a couple trips down the slide before nap time.Here is a picture of Luke and his "girlfriend" Courtney. Luke loved Courtney. Anytime we were out and about he wanted to know where his girlfriend was. She was a really good sport about it too! Funny story - I was trying to get Luke to bed one night and we were laying there. He says "Mom, I really like my girlfriend". I said, "You do". He goes, "What's her name again" It was pretty cute.On Thursday we went for a paddle boat ride and then we played putt putt golf. It was Luke's first experience at both. It was a fun afternoon!
Luke has been learning a lot of worship songs. On Thursday night during the invitation time I couldn't help but cry listening to my baby sing "How Great Is Our God".
We got home yesterday evening after a very long car ride. It was a great week! Stay tuned for more church camp adventures!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bragging on Daniel...

First of all, I said I would update with pics of Luke with his skateboard at church - The little stinker hasn't wanted to take it to church. He still likes playing with it - he's just been cranky the last two weeks before Wednesday church.

This past Sunday afternoon Daniel spoke at Catoosa's Bacc... so we got to spend the weekend with my parents and go to church with them on Sunday. Daniel did a really good job. I was really proud of him.
Luke helped Nana make cookies for bacc. Mom and Dad's church hosted it this year.

While we were in Tulsa we bought new bedding for Luke's bed. His top bunk and his under bed as he calls it! :) He earned it by sleeping all night in his bed for 7 nights. We had been having sleeping issues. Now he's so excited about his new bedding he wants to sleep in his bed. I had to make his bed three times monday night after putting his bedding on because he kept getting under the covers and wanting me to take his picture.

On the adoption front - I spoke to our social worker and agency yesterday. We are only missing our fingerprint approval for our homestudy and it should be here any day. We also learned that our life book is the group to be shown. So we're praying for the right baby for us!