Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Church Camp - Take 4

We got back Friday from a great week at camp. We took our kids this last week and we had a blast! I do have to admit though that by the end of the week I was wondering what in the world was I thinking taking my 3 year old to 4 weeks of camp. Luke made lots of friends this week. They had fun running around the cafeteria. Here they are watching cartoons on the big TV in the cafeteria.
They dumped a huge load of sand on the volleyball court. The kids had a great time climbing it.

Luke was reunited with his girlfriend last week. He loves her so much.

I think that it is official that we have a drummer on our hands. During worship I would hold Luke up on a chair and he would dance and drum. He was even in rythym.
When we got home on Friday the preschool that we had been on a waiting list for called and Luke got in! He met his teacher on Monday. He is really excited about going to school.
That is about all for now. This is kind of random - but I am so sad about Jon and Kate. OK - I won't elaborate further. It just makes me sad.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Vietnam Heritage Weekend

All the weeks of camp have taken their toll on my sweet boy. We went to Vietnam Heritage Weekend Friday night right after Luke had woken up from his nap. He was a pretty cranky boy and got in trouble for being rude to people. There were some really cool dragon dancers Friday night and it wasn't long after that that Luke got happy and had a great time playing with his friends.We don't get to see Sarah and Avi Joy very often, but they have so much fun when they are together.
You can see that they have a blast with each other. Dillon does a great job with these events. We had a blast!

Church Camp - Take 3

We left bright and early - at 6:45 - Monday morning for State Teen Camp at Talihina, OK. Anyone that knows us very well knows that was quite a feat for us night owls. We generally take our kids to this camp, but we have outgrown the campground so now there will be two weeks of teen camp. Daniel is on the State Christian Education Board that puts on the camps so he had to go this week. Luke and I went along for the ride. We stayed with Nana and Papa's church. We got some quality time with Nana. Papa had to leave Monday night because a church member had a stroke. Please keep that sweet family in your prayers.I don't know what it is with this boy and sleeping at church camp. As soon as we got his bed made he wanted to pose for a picture. The sleeping arrangements were interesting. I usually push two beds together so I don't have to worry about Luke rolling off. These beds had shelves built in between them and they were bolted to the wall. Needless to say Nana and I didn't get much sleep from checking on Luke. On Monday night I woke up with him in my bed and Tuesday night he rolled off the bed. After he rolled off the bed he got a nose bleed. Good times... After that I felt like I was constantly checking on him if he wasn't in bed with me.Little man even helped in the kitchen!
At night all the pre-campers had a blast watching a movie before bed.
It was a great, but tiring week. We only had one trip to the nurse with Luke. We hadn't even been there for two hours when he runs into a pole and gets a huge goose egg on his head. He still has a bruise, but the goose egg is gone.
We left after the evening service on Thursday and got to Tulsa at about 1:00 Friday morning. We had hair cuts scheduled for Friday and Vietnam Heritage Camp Friday evening!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Church Camp - Take 2

This last week was our district camp. Daniel went to camp, but Luke and I took the week off and slept at home. We took care of errands. You know fun stuff like dr appts, vet and other stuff. We went to the evening services and Wednesday we hung out all afternoon! We took Luke's friend Silas with us on Wednesday.
Luke and Silas played hide and seek with Daniel. It's pretty funny listening to 2 three year old boys giggling, saying here we are! :)

One of our former students spoke in the morning sessions. He did great at camp and Daniel really enjoyed hanging out with him. It is wonderful seeing how much former students have matured and watching them serve the Lord. I didn't even take his pic though. We'll see him in a couple of weeks at another camp though and I'll post a picture then.