Thursday, May 31, 2007

Meal Time

I just knew that all my blog friends wanted to know what my 19 month old looks like after eating sloppy joe's for dinner! Isn't that just too cute?!?!
Luke has started doing the cutest thing. When we bless the food and tell him that we are going to pray so he needs to bow his head he bows his head and goes mmm...mmm...mmm. That is just so adorable!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend 2007

Luke and I were able to go to Granny & Pa's house on Saturday. We had so much fun with family. It is sad without Pa there. He is really missed.
Luke had lots of fun playing with his cousins. They golfed and wrestled and just had lots of fun. He is growing up WAY too fast! He said four words together for the first time on Sunday morning. He said, "I want this out"! Aunt Jen had bought him a golf caddie and it was behind our suitcase and he couldn't get it out. He said that several times in a row before we paid attention to what he was saying. I told him that he shouldn't be growing up this fast.
We met Grandma for lunch after church on Sunday and went to her house for lunch today. Luke's Aunt LaDonna had brought him two cars, cheetos and oreos. He has had lots of fun playing with his new cars. He really enjoyed the cheetos and oreos also.
Mr. Man has had a huge growth spurt in his height and feet. It seems that now he is starting to grow in weight. He was stuck at 20 pounds for forever. Last week he was 21 pounds and if he keeps eating like he has been he will be 22 by next week. We went to Taco Bell for dinner and he ate a whole big person quesadilla by himself.
Hope everyone else had a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Thanks Aunt Jen!

Thanks Aunt Jen for my cool new zoo shirt! I love you!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Zoo Trip and Other Fun...

We have been home for an hour and I'm already blogging. Daniel is putting Luke to bed. We got to go visit Nana, Papa and Aunt Jen this weekend. Granny came in too! On Friday we ran our errands while we were in Tulsa and today we went to the zoo. It was Luke's first zoo trip and we had a blast! We met Sarah, Avi Joy and baby Andrew there along with their parents of course! We got to see an elephant demonstration and ride the train. We looked at lots of animals too! I think that Luke liked the fish best. He thought the Chu! Chu! train was pretty cool. You could tell all the kids take naps at about the same time. They were getting pretty sleepy after the train ride. Avi Joy went home and we were going to take Sarah and Luke to the petting zoo. Well, Luke fell asleep on the way there. I tried to wake him up but he was out. Sarah really enjoyed it though.
Aunt Jen bought Luke a swimming pool. She spoils him ROTTEN! He really had fun in it. He won't sit down in it and likes to throw toys out of it and then go and get them. Hey - as long as he has fun!
Here is a really long slide show! Hope you enjoy the pictures!!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Pretty Uneventful Week

Hey! I guess we'll call last week uneventful - it sounds better than boring. We didn't really do anything until Friday night. We had a camp fundraiser dinner catered at a business in town. I helped keep the kids while their parents ate. One of the teenage boys had a great time giving sled rides in the church gym. (See pics below!) Sunday was Mother's Day. I think the Mother's Day Fairy dropped my gift off at my mom and dad's. My little sister is so good. She is always buying me presents from Luke.
Mother's Day brought lots of emotions this year. I am so thankful for Luke, but I'm sure like all adoptive moms it brought lots of thoughts of our childrens birth mom. Sometimes when we are sitting and rocking I think of her and wonder if she is at peace with her decision. I pray that she knows that he is loved and well cared for. My goodness, the woman is a hero to me. Some people have a hard time understanding the love that a birth mom has for her child. It is such a selfless love.
Luke said a couple of new words today. He said "Pizza! Pizza!" and "Elmo". He has started saying lots of new words lately.
Also the mistress aka PS2 is back at our house. It had been broken but a guy from our church fixed it. Daddy is corrupting Lukas.(See picture below).
That's about all for now.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Our Week

I had a long post written last night, but our power went off...Pretty interesting. Since we just moved a couple of months ago and are moving again I hadn't unpacked things like flashlights and the such. The power was only off for 10-15 minutes though so that was good. I'll try to remember all that I said.
Luke had his "man" surgery on Tuesday so we pretty much stayed in for the rest of the week. There are some funny stories that go along with this that may be too much for blogland, but if you are interested ask me the next time you see me! He is doing better now.
Nana and Papa came in for a visit on Friday - along with their visit came severe weather (rain and tornadoes-more on this later in the post).It was great having mom & dad stay for a night. We live so far apart now. Luke LOVES his Nana and Papa. When they pulled into the driveway Luke ran out the door to his Papa yelling "Papa, Papa, Papa" all the way til he got to him. It was precious. They spoil him like crazy. Luke's cousin Ryan had brought him a pop up tent and a car when we were all gathered for Pa's funeral. He has enjoyed the pop up tent and Nana and Papa brought the car this weekend. They would push him all over the driveway. Luke loves it! They had to leave Saturday afternoon and Luke was NOT ready for his Nana and Papa to leave. It was so sad. He cried when they left which made me sad.
Now on to the severe weather...We have had tornado warnings EVERY DAY since Friday. You know one every once in a while is doable but come on this multiple times a day for days in a row is getting old. Friday the sirens didn't go off. Saturday Daniel and I were at the church working. We knew that it was rainy and stormy but didn't know that we were in a tornado warning when the tornado sirens went off. We went to the pastors house (it isn't very far and they have a cellar). We spent a couple hours there waiting for all the storms to pass.
Then yesterday Daniel was off with our seniors shooting the senior video and I had brought Luke home for a nap. I knew that the weather was going to be bad so I kept flipping to the news station. The weather people said something about our area so I called the pastor and asked him if he thought that I was okay here or if I need to go somewhere. He told me that he thought this storm was going to miss us but that there was another one 45 minutes later and I probably should come on over. I was getting the dogs out and all packed up when his wife called less than five minutes later. She told me to come now. I jumped in the car and was driving like a mad woman to get over there. The tornado sirens started going off when I was like 9 minutes away from there house. I wanted to freak out so bad but couldn't. Thankfully we got to where we were going and Daniel had made it there with the seniors. Other than getting drenched trying to get in we were fine. We are supposed to have bad weather through Wednesday - hopefully it will just be thunderstorms with no tornadoes. Well that is about it for now. Please keep us in your prayers that we will find a house to buy. I am really ready to get settled!