Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Am...

My blog is not normally too in depth. :) I don't know why - Maybe I just don't like to think that much. Anyways, last night when I was reading my Bible I ran into one of my favorite passages and thought that I'd share. It's John 8:48-59. My favorite part is at the end when Jesus is talking about Abraham. The Jews said that Jesus wasn't even 50 years old so how in the world could he have seen Abraham. Jesus says in verse 59 "I tell you the truth, before Abraham was born, I am!". Wouldn't you just love to see the Jews faces when Jesus said that?!?
Sometimes Daniel just jokingly asks me what he should preach about. I always tell him the I Am's. It is kind of our running joke. He's never done it yet. One of the last times I went to church with my parents my Dad preached on some of the I Am's. I had to come home of course and tell Daniel that I my idea made a great sermon! :)
On the adoption front - Our agency got our life book and will start showing it when a birth mom meets our profile. I'm pretty excited!
My parents just left and I just realized I didn't take a single picture while they were here. Please accept my apologies for a photoless post!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I have excuses...

...for being a bad blogger. You know, first we had a computer virus with the computer out of commission for a month. Then, we have no internet service this week. But stay tuned because I have news hiding in this blog post.
We went to Tulsa a few weekends ago and met Sarah, Avi Joy, Andrew, Nehemiah and their moms at a train restaurant. It was a really cool place. Luke and the girls loved watching the train. Luke was having one of those days though. He has only embarassed me by the way he was acting a couple of times and this was one of them. We can't all have perfect days though! :)
Papa's birthday was the weekend we were in town! Happy Birthday Papa! I won't announce to the world how old you are... :)
As for our news - We are adopting again! We have decided to go with an open domestic adoption from Crisis Pregnancy Outreach in Tulsa, OK. We are so excited! Things have been moving really fast. We sent in our application in January. We've had our home study visit, been fingerprinted and all that fun stuff. We just finished our life book and it should be to the agency some time during the last week of this month! Please pray for us and for our child's birth mom. Also please pray for the money for the adoption to become available. We are going to do one fundraiser - a mail out letter to our family and friends. We know that God will provide though, just as he did with the money for Luke's adoption.