Saturday, August 9, 2008

Guess What!!!

Our summer is coming to a close! It feels like this summer has been busier than last and I think that it has. We have had three weeks of church camp, done little league baseball concessions, a week of vacation, been to the Free Will Baptist National Convention and a mission trip to Mexico. This post is very picture heavy since it has been a month since our last update! Hope you enjoy seeing where we have been! We started this month by going to Sarah's 3rd birthday party. I can not begin to tell you how much Lukas loves being around Sarah and Avi Joy. He talks about them often, even though we don't get to see each other too often.The birthday kiss!We went to the river with my family for vacation. I guess Luke was afraid that we were going to leave him and thought he would jump in Nana's suit case!Daddy took Luke down a big slide that went into the river. Luke was quite the trooper, but decided he didn't want to do that anymore.Playing with cousins.When we got back from the river we went to a concert with the Homan's at Utica Square. Luke and Sarah had a great time sharing snacks while we visited.It was a little late, but before we left Nana and Papa's we popped some of those Pop-Its. That was my favorite when I was a kid and Luke liked them too!The next week was Bible School. We hit the ground running after vacation. I was the co-director of Bible School so we had lots of things to get done when we got home. We did Veggie Tales and Luke had a blast all week.The next week was the Free Will Baptist National Convention in Charleston, West Virginia. Our little man is quite the traveler. He loves to fly. He was great while we were there. There was a mall across the street from the Convention Center. We spent quite a bit of time over there riding rides. Luke also stayed the night two nights in Nana and Papa's hotel room. This was the first time that I haven't slept under the same room as him. We both survived! :)
Funny story - Two college age girls went with us. One night one of the girls was staying the night with a friend, so after church we decided we would take Stacie to the movies. The movie theatre was 10 blocks from our hotel. We decided to see The Dark Night. The movie was really good. The only thing was the movie ended at 12:30 and we had to walk those 10 blocks back to our hotel in the dark. Stacie and I were SO scared. So the point of the story is The Dark Night is a good movie, but I would not recommend watching it when you have to walk 10 blocks in the dark.After Nationals we got to stay home for a week. We left on August 2nd to head to OKC. Our flight left early on the 3rd so we stayed the night in OKC. Daniel and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary on the 3rd while flying to Harlingen, TX with our youth ministry. It was so very romantic. I really don't mind sharing my anniversary though because at least 40 people received Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.
Who would have thought that a guy in our youth ministry would want to wear my sling. It was pretty funny!
Luke stomping trash at the Way of the Cross Warehouse while we are making kits to hand out. Our students crossed the border on Monday and Tuesday. I stayed back at the head quarters with Luke.On Monday they went to the dump. It was a very eye opening experience for our kids. I really think that they have a better appreciation for the things that they have.They also went into a neighborhood on Monday. They knocked on doors and invited people to a church service.I think that the children were our kids highlight of the week. On Tuesday they went to a shark fishing village on the beach.

Wednesday they crossed the border and went shopping. Then they came and picked me and Luke up and we went to South Padre Island.
It's been a great summer, but I'm ready for things to slow down for a little while! Stayed tuned for next weeks post. We celebrate our 2nd Forever Family Day with Lukas next week!