Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday, Lukas!!!

Our little guy turned two on Tuesday! To celebrate we went to McDonald's and played on the Play Place. It was so funny to watch Luke. There are big windy stairs that lead to this tunnel of netting that leads to the slide. Luke would start up the stairs and stop and yell very loudly "Mommy!" and "Daddy!". Then he would come back down and over to our table. Then he would do this again, except go a little higher. He did this until he climbed all the way across the stairs, through the tunnel and down the slide. We were so proud of our big boy. That is a pretty big accomplishment for your second birthday.
This little boy never ceases to amaze me. I am so honored that he calls me Mommy.
We are having Luke's birthday party on the 19th. So stay tuned for a fun post on that. As for the big boy room post - I wanted to have it completely finished when I posted pictures and I'm having a very difficult time finding curtains that I like to match. Hopefully I'll find some soon.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Weekend In Review

On Friday we went to Nana and Aunt Jen's school and talked with their fourth graders about Vietnam. They have been studying culture so we talked about some differences between our culture and the culture in Vietnam. The kids were really interested in learning about Luke's birth country.
We met Sarah at the Pumpkin Patch on Saturday. They have so much fun playing together. After they ate lunch they had a great time climbing on the pumpkins and riding around in a wheel barrow.
The OU-Texas game was also on Saturday. Daniel informed me that we couldn't leave to go home until after the game was over so we watched the game at Mom & Dad's. Ever since he has come home Luke gets all decked out in his Sooner clothes and Daniel rubs him down before each game and they generally win. So Luke is the source of Sooner Magic. Well, since we had been to the Pumpkin Patch I had Luke dressed in a fall looking shirt. It had burnt orange on it. The Sooners weren't doing too great at this time so we realized it was time to put his OU shirt on. After he got his OU shirt on and rubbed down the Sooners started playing great. So he really is the source of Sooner Magic.
If you don't believe this, last week when OU lost Daniel wasn't at home to rub Luke down and I didn't do it. So to all you Sooner fans we are so sorry that we let you and the team down by not doing our part!:)
A funny/sad side note about our weekend - I had decided that we weren't going to board our dogs to save some money. I got this brilliant idea that we would take our miniature dauchsand with us and leave our Labradoodle at a friends house. Well, when our friend got home from work Lap was out of the pin. Lap is a really big chicken so when our friend yelled for him to come he ran off. So Lap was missing for about four hours Thursday night. Daniel and Jessica are such good friends. They looked for our dog for four whole hours. Lap is Daniel's dog and Rocky is my dog. So Daniel was pretty upset there for a little while. He was very relieved when they called and said that Lap had been found. I guess I'll have to come up with another brilliant idea for next time...
Stay tuned for posts regarding Luke's big boy bed and his birthday on Tuesday!