Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thanksgiving, Christmas Parade and School Christmas Program

It's been a long time. Kori has been after me for a Thanksgiving update - so here you go Kori and I'll throw in Christmas Parade and Luke's school Christmas Program.

We spent 10 days out of town around Thanksgiving. We had a 3 day adoption workshop to attend in Tulsa and decided it wasn't worth the gas money to come home and turn around to go back for Thanksgiving. Luke and I made turkey cupcakes while we were hanging out at Nana and Papa's.They turned out pretty cute!Luke had a blast playing with this pink Barbie guitar at Granny's house. Don't tell anyone, but I think he's getting his own for Christmas! :)Here is Luke and Ryan playing Ryan's bass guitar.The cousins playing tag! We got home late on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but we HAD to get the tree up that night too! We had fun even though it was rushed.We went to the Christmas Parade at the beginning of the month with Luke's friend Silas. The low was 7 that night! It was very cold. We had debated taking Luke since he was on antibiotic for double ear infections. We took him and he had a good time. Luke's friend Presley came over last week. They had a great time playing and wanted to pose for a picture.Last weekend we took some of our girls to The Revolve conference. This was the first time we had to take Luke with us. Our babysitters - Nana, Papa and Jen - were busy that weekend. He did great and had a great time dancing to the music.

I am so proud of him. During the Stellar Kart concert he told me - as he was dancing - that he was going to be a rockstar and sing and play the guitar when he grew up. This mommy thinks he can do just that!

On our way home from Revolve. Luke wore his "Ladies Man" shirt to the all girls conference on Saturday. :)Last night was Luke's preschool program. I didn't get a good pic of him on the stage, but he did a great job. Another proud mommy moment - The kids answered questions about Christmas at school. On the question about why we celebrated Christmas Luke answered Jesus! Mommy and Daddy were both very proud.Santa came to visit since the kids did so good. The 2nd question on the questionnaire was who did they want to visit at Christmas. Luke's answer was Santa because he brings him presents. Papa came to Luke's program last night! Luke was really excited that he got to come.


Heather said...

Gosh, Luke is getting so big. If you are going to be back in Tulsa over Christmas, please call us!

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