Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Luke's 4th Birthday Party

Luke turned 4 on Friday! He was so excited. It was so neat. His preschool makes a big deal out of all the kids birthdays. He wanted to take OU cookies so we did just that. He got to wear a birthday crown and got a present. His teacher took his picture with me and Daniel for the book they make of the years events. He had a really good time.On Friday night Nana, Papa, Aunt Jen and Granny came to our house. Luke "read" Granny his Transformers book. His memory amazes me. I can read him a book a few times and he has the thing memorized. The Transformers book isn't a short book either.Friday night he opened up a present from Aunt Jen's boyfriend. He had been wanting that Chick Hicks Hauler.We had a Thomas Party on Saturday! I didn't get too many pictures since things were kind of crazy and the pics I did get had other kids in them. I didn't want to post them without their parents permission - but here are a few! :)
We were supposed to have the party at the park but it was rainy and in the 30s on Saturday so we stayed nice and warm in the house!Getting ready for our friends to come! Luke is really into big scary pumpkin heads this year. He loves the book called The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid Of Anything. If you haven't read it you should check it out!
He had a great day and ended up with lots of fun stuff! He has really enjoyed playing with all his new things.

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