Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's been a while...

This is for you Kori!
I haven't updated since Luke's 1st day of school, so honestly I can't remember everything that has gone on.
On Luke's 1st day of school by himself they made frog hats. It was pretty cute watching the kids come out with their frog hats on.My boy loves his trains. His room is generally a train lovers paradise. Occasionally he gets creative and will take his track apart to make a different track which generally results in his track being torn apart. It irritates daddy when this happens since he's the track builder at our house.We celebrated Grandparents Day with Nana and Papa. Luke was learning about tadpoles and frogs at school. He had learned a tadpole song so we made a tadpole for their present. Then after we got home I discovered that I had already bought their present so I guess I have both of their birthdays covered. :)We got to make a pennant for school. It was a lot of fun!Luke also was learning about catepillars and cocoons/chrysalis at school. We went to mom's class and they had a chrysalis. Luke wanted one too! Nana was happy to oblige. She brought Luke a chrysalis. (It was already spun by the time she got to our house) We watched it for about a week and then one day Luke ran out of his bedroom and said "It hatched! It hatched!" The boy was so excited and Silas was here playing so that made it even more fun. Daddy was home for lunch so he helped us let it go. I was afraid that Luke was going to be upset so we talked about how the butterfly was going to go explore the world. It hung out for a few hours and then left. That evening Daniel and I were sitting on the back porch watching Luke play when we found a butterfly wing. Daniel was trying to hide it from Luke so he wouldn't see it and see that his butterfly died. For another full week Luke talked about his butterfly and how it was a catepillar. He'd say that the catepillar ate and ate and ate. Then it pooped and pooped and pooped. Then spun his chrysalis and then the chrysalis hatched. We let it go and it went to explore the world. This went on for about a week. One morning he started the story again but kept going. He ended the story with saying that he stepped on a butterfly on his slide. That little stinker had known for a week that his butterfly was dead. :) Luke had tons of fun helping Daddy fill in holes in the backyard.Here's Daddy and Lukas watching the homecoming parade last Friday.
The Sweet boy turns 4 tomorrow! The party is Saturday so I'll post again soon!

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Heather said...

Happy birthday Luke! We miss you sooooo much!