Monday, May 24, 2010

How long has it been?

Probably too long...
It took me a while to be able to post after our failed adoption, but I'll attempt to do a little update.
Daniel had surgery at the beginning of the month. Most people know that Daniel was shot in between the eyes at point blank range when he was 15. He had developed a mucuocele (sp) that needed to be taken care of. The surgery lasted 11 1/2 hours. I compared the time to the plane trip to Vietnam - except I could move around a little bit more. We spent 4 nights in the hospital, came home for a night and had to go back for 3 more nights. He has gotten a whole lot better over the last 4 days or so.
Luke's end of the year preschool party was today. It is always fun to go and watch him play with his friends. They went to the park and I got to go too!
This is Luke and his friend, Presley. They have a great time playing at school and church. Also the occasional trip to McDonald's. :)
Luke is all enrolled for PreK next year. I'm hoping and praying that he gets a half day class. Our school is going to all day PreK next year. I think 4 is too young to go to school all day.
Our summer is approaching and you all know that with a youth pastor for a husband our summer is never boring.
Daniel has an outpatient surgery scheduled for Thursday and is preaching a church camp in Kansas next week. Please be praying for those things.
On the adoption front - We were interviewed the week of Daniel's surgery by a birthmom. Please be praying for peace and wisdom for her. That's all for now!


erinlo said...

Jamie, I had no idea about Daniel's surgery! So sad to hear he had to go through that. And, as a wife, I'm SURE it was an agonizing 11.5 hours.

Luke is growing up so fast. I can hardly believe that over three years has gone by since we were all in Vietnam together. I can't wait for our kids to reunite sometime soon!

I am praying about your next adoption. Can't wait to hear that you have a baby in your arms!

Love and miss you guys!- Erin

NHP said...

Love the update! I will be praying for his recovery and for all your future kiddos!